Julia Collins is an Outreach Officer for the ChooseMaths program, with a particular focus on managing the ‘Women in Mathematics’ initiative. She will be establishing a community of role models and developing events to inspire young female Australians to continue with mathematical studies and careers.

Julia comes to AMSI from the University of Edinburgh, where for five years she was the Mathematics Engagement Officer, doing a combination of undergraduate lecturing and community outreach. She regularly gives public lectures about her favourite parts of maths and is especially keen to highlight the connections between maths and craft. In 2016 she helped create the world’s first ever Maths Craft Festival, which took place in Auckland and featured eight craft creation stations as well as a series of lectures.

Graduating with an MMath in 2006 and a PhD in Knot Theory in 2011, Julia is passionate about communicating the beauty and wonder of mathematics. She is often accompanied by her trusty sheep Haggis (on Twitter as @haggismaths), and in her spare time will either be found knitting in a café or hiking in the hills.

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