The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) and BHP Billiton Foundation’s CHOOSEMATHS project is working within Australian regional and metropolitan communities to empower students, particularly girls and women, to pursue careers in mathematics.

A five-year national project, we are working with teachers, parents and students to challenge public perception of mathematics and deliver initiatives to increase engagement and capacity from the classroom and university to the industry frontline.

Since 2015 we have been leading the national implementation of key classroom and pipeline strategies to transform Australia’s mathematical capability. With maths essential to a growing number of jobs, it is critical we foster understanding of the value and impact of maths and equip students to embrace these opportunities now and into the future. Working across four key components, the project is addressing pipeline challenges through Schools Outreach, Careers Awareness, CHOOSEMATHS Awards and the Women in Maths Network.


AMSI Specialists deliver on-the-ground training and professional development support to teachers to enhance teacher knowledge and mathematics confidence in 120 schools nationally.


Aiming to increase public awareness of career pathways and helps students, teachers and parents see the rewarding and interesting pathways that exist for those who continue with maths.


The national CHOOSEMATHS teacher and student awards program celebrate mathematics achievement, creativity and excellence in Australian schools.


Drawing on high achieving women currently working in industry and business, a national role-model network to inspire school girls and young women to seek the opportunities maths offers

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