Susan was born and raised in England. She began her academic career at Cambridge University where she completed a Masters degree in Mathematics. Research then beckoned and, being sponsored by the UK’s largest pharmaceutical company, she obtained a MSc and PhD from Leicester University. Her field of research was Medical Statistics, looking specifically at the analysis of multiple end points in clinical trials. Susan then entered the world of education, hoping to instill some of her passion for the subject into the future generation. She spent 10 years teaching Mathematics in an English boarding school before moving her family to the sunnier Australian climate. For the last 14 years, Susan has continued to teach Mathematics to Years 10 – 12 as well as being the Head of Senior Learning and having overall responsibility for the VCE curriculum in an independent school.

Susan is thrilled to be part of this exciting project and views it as a perfect amalgamation of all her academic passions. When she’s not working Susan likes reading, spending time with her family and watching episodes of Friends.

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