Montagu Bay Primary School, Tas

Triangles Are Our World

Can you imagine a world without triangles? All around us from ancient pyramids to modern spacecraft, the team from Montagu Bay Primary School explore different types of triangles. Delve deeper into the pointy world of fractals, Sierpinski triangles, and how this important shape will help us in the future!


Ferny Grove State High School, Qld

To the Maths Haters

This video is for anyone who has ever asked ‘who needs maths anyway?’ In answer to this question, the team from Ferny Grove State High School set out to prove maths is everywhere. They explore its role in driving the future from innovation, food production, renewable energy and transport systems.


St Monica's College, Qld

Maths is our future.

Is time running out for Earth and its resources? The team from St Monica’s College crunch the numbers on overpopulation. Using logistic and exponential models, they examine the possibilities of space exploration and demonstrate the essential role maths will play in our future, on Earth and maybe even beyond.


The Grange Public School, NSW

The Importance of Maths/Maths Is Everything

Maths is everything! We take a look at how maths will shape our future, as The Grange Public School’s Cubed Root Cool Kats uncover its essential role in our world. From agriculture and medicine to communication technology and the economics of business, maths has never been more important or exciting!

North Rockhampton State High School, Qld

We Rely on Math

Maths is used and understood around the world. North Rockhampton State High School students look at the impact of this daily essential on all aspects of our lives. More than just numbers, they demonstrate the usefulness of maths such as trigonometry and its critical role in our future.

Burwood Girls High School, NSW

Maths: The Future

Discover why maths is critical in this age of rapid global advancement. Burwood Girls High School students uncover its role in future cities and some of our most exciting innovations such as big data and driverless cars. They show how understanding and valuing mathematics will be vital for future generations.

Blackheath and Thornburgh College, Qld

Maths and Technology

From big data, drones and the Internet of things to virtual reality, maths is essential to technological innovation. Join students from Blackheath and Thornburgh College as they explore the maths of technology. From arithmetic to real-world applications, they reveal how computers are changing maths education in the 21st century.

Carmel Adventist College, WA


Space travel may be the future, but maths is our path beyond the stars! Join Carmel Adventist College in exploring the possibilities of colonising Mars. Discover some of the equations behind space travel, and why studying maths is essential to ensure future capacity to progress this research.

Galen Catholic College, Vic

A Slice of the Future

An essential for any good celebration, it turns out we’ve had it all wrong when it comes to cutting cakes! Galen Catholic College examine the maths of circles. Proving maths really is involved in everything, they demonstrate a clever way to slice circular cakes and keep them fresh.

Westminster School, SA

Maths Is PAWsome

Maths is a dog’s life! Proving numbers are pawsome, students from Westminster School use linear modelling to ensure Calypso, a border collie, gets the nutrition she needs. Taking into account her weight, activity levels and dietary requirements, they calculate the most nutritious and cost-effective food combination to keep her going.

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