Congratulations to Danebank Anglican School for Girls and Toorak College who took out the major prizes for this year’s CHOOSEMATHS Student Awards

Toorak College - Geometry Around the World


Danebank Anglican School for Girls - Everything Around Us



Danebank Anglican School for Girls, NSW

Live Free Pi Hard – Everything Around Us

Live Free Π Hard crunches the numbers on Global Warming and the fight to save Earth. Join the team for a close up look at the ways maths is helping us manage, conserve and protect our world from ever-increasing environmental challenges such as rising CO2 concentrations and changing water temperatures.


Toorak College, VIC

Toorak Spirit - Geometry Around the World

Join the Toorak College students in a mesmerising exploration of angles and geometry around the world. Using a tantalising mix of rhymes and beats, the team leads viewers on an exciting journey of discovery as they visit famous world destinations and uncover the angles used to create famous buildings.


Beaconhills College, VIC

Beaconhills College - Maths is More Than Just Numbers

One of the basic foundations of civilised society, mathematics plays an instrumental role in every facet of life from everyday living to the natural world and understanding the cosmos. Join students from Beaconhills College as they crunch the numbers and reveal the use of maths in climate, plants and species.

John Monash Science School, VIC

Adjacency - Graph Theory in Pathfinding

Every second counts during a medical emergency and a safe shortcut can make all the difference for patient outcomes. John Monash Science School students use graph theory in path finding to transform callouts for Ambulance Victoria. Discover how maths can pave the fastest routes to help our medics save lives.

Australian Islamic College, WA

Radiant Radians - A Doctor's Dream

The Radiant Radians take us on a number crunching journey into the world of health and medicine. The team reveals that more than just numbers, mathematics has the power to nurture dreams and save lives. Discover how determination and ambition can etch a path to a successful career in medicine.

Huntingtower School, VIC

Maths Fam - Gauss' Remarkable Theorem

Math Fam takes a delicious look at Gauss’ Remarkable Theorem. Proving the most exciting things lurk below the surface, they lift the lid on the cheesy goodness of the popular food, pizza, to discover the Gaussian curvature of the surface. A mouth-watering demonstration of how impressive maths can be.

Distinction Awards

Armidale High School, NSW

% In Life - Percentages in Real Life

Using the magic of food, students from Armidale High School reveal just how often we use percentages in everyday life. A lively and entertaining exploration of truths revealed by known percentages from how much of the worlds population is left-handed to how many people use a drive through to order food.

Burwood Girls High School, NSW

MACC - World of Mathematics

Join Ellie and Mikaela from Burwood Girls High School for a real life kitchen adventure as they illustrate mathematics in action. Invited to a party, the girls must provide enough dessert to feed 18 hungry guests. Watch them as they use mathematics to ensure every sweet tooth will be satisfied.

George's River, Hurstville Boys Campus, NSW

CAS - Maths is the World

Maths is more than just numbers according to the George’s River – Hurstville Boys Campus team. They present an entertaining animated world that perfectly illustrates the universal impact of maths in our lives. They remind us to observe our environment from technology, science, currency, and buildings to something as simple as a chair.

Methodist Ladies' College, VIC

A Cute Triangle - The Wonderful World of Triangles

Join this creative team of Year 11 students from Methodist Ladies’ College as they explore the pointy end of the mathematics behind the building of tourist destination, the Melbourne Star. Focusing on trigonometry and trigonometric functions they bring the world of triangles into sharp focus in this entry for MATHS.CAMERA.ACTION.

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