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This page contains links to all the documents provided at our mentor training workshops, including the two training webinars, our Code of Conduct, and information about subjects and curriculum in each state. If you feel that something is missing that you would like to see listed, please email

Training webinars

  • Being a CHOOSEMATHS Mentor. This 1-hour webinar goes through a tutorial on using Zoom, an introduction to AMSI and the CHOOSEMATHS project, the aims and structure of the mentoring program, and a session on child safe standards and our code of conduct.
    (This webinar is delivered by Julia Collins, CHOOSEMATHS Mentoring coordinator. She was running late after a distressing doctor’s appointment – please excuse her awful appearance!)


  • How to make a difference as a mentor. This 1-hour webinar by Ann Rolfe of Mentoring Works discusses tips and advice for building mentoring relationships and the different styles of mentoring you can use. This video is accompanied by Ann’s mentor e-book, which is the same material in PDF form.
    (NB The link is actually to the 2018 version of this webinar, as the 2019 version failed to record. But the content is the same!)


How-to guides

  • Zoom – the video communications platform we use for mentoring sessions.


  • Slack – the messaging system we will be using for mentors and teachers.


Child protection




Curriculum and senior maths subjects


  • Senior Maths Pathways – a booklet which explains the different subject pathways in maths in Years 11/12, and what the names are for these subjects in each state. You can find out more about the curriculum in each of these subjects on the Australian Curriculum website.



  • Personal Development Form – you should ask each mentee to complete this form at the beginning of the program, to reflect on their strengths and some goals they want to achieve through the mentor program. Maybe you would like to complete it too!


  • Mentoring themes 2019 – a suggested list of topics for each of the ten mentoring sessions. You are, of course, welcome to present the topics in a different order!
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