Thank you to everyone who submitted videos to the 2017 CHOOSEMATHS Student awards.

Submissions have now closed and we are busily watching and judging all of the amazing entries. Make sure to check out what some of the other schools have been working on and share your favourites on social media.

If your video is one of our winning entries, we will be in touch with you in the week commencing 24 July.

Thank you for taking part, we hope you have enjoyed bringing maths to life on film!

ALL major prizes will be selected by a panel of judges. The criteria for judging will vary depending on what type of scenario the video is depicting. However, whenever explicit mathematics is involved, mathematical accuracy is vitally important, as is correct use of mathematical language.  In addition to these, the judging criteria includes elements for originality, creativity, communication and production. The winning teams will be contacted in the week commencing 24 July. Any questions or queries MUST be directed to us through the team's nominated school contact.  

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