The CHOOSEMATHS Student Awards celebrate mathematical achievement, creativity and excellence in Australian schools.  The awards encourage students to get creative as they step beyond the classroom to bring their understanding of mathematics to life on film.

Get your classrooms buzzing with conversations about mathematics as students use their imagination to create and submit a 3–5 minute video based on this year’s theme, OUR WORLD NEED MATHS.

The aim of the competition is for students to produce a video which explains a mathematical problem, or demonstrates an application of mathematics, using clear and precise mathematical language, in a creative and entertaining way. Students compete as a team in order to foster a positive environment, giving them the opportunity to reason and work collaboratively.

The Competition Task

Each team must create and submit a video which runs for a minimum of 3 minutes and maximum of 5 minutes. The video should be based on the 2018 competition theme ‘OUR WORLD NEEDS MATHS’.

Videos can be produced using any kind of audio-visual media. The competition is open to students in upper primary and secondary school.



Best Junior Video (Years 5–7): $2000
Best Intermediate Video (Years 8–9): $2000
Best Senior Video (Years 10–12): $2000
Awards for Excellence (all age groups): 7 × $1000

The top 10 winning teams will also attend the CHOOSEMATHS Awards Presentation Ceremony to be hosted in Melbourne on Friday 7 September 2018. Each team will receive a bursary for the students, plus one supervising adult, to go towards their accommodation and travel expenses in order to assist them attending the Presentation Ceremony.


20 additional prizes will be awarded for high commendation, originality and effort. These teams will receive a certificate and prize money sent directly to their schools:

  • Ten prizes of $100 per student per team (i.e, either $300 or $400 per team)
  • Ten prizes of $50 per student per team (i.e, either $150 or $200 per team)


All teams who successfully submit a valid entry will receive a CHOOSEMATHS certificate of participation.


Students build a team of 3 or 4. There are many aspects to making a video (director, actor, problem solver, camera operator, animator etc.)



Entries must be based on the 2018 theme OUR WORLD NEEDS MATHS. The video must be about mathematics and either:

  • give a clear explanation of the mathematics behind a problem or puzzle
  • present a real-world application of mathematics
  • demonstrate the importance or usefulness of mathematics

Keep scrolling to see the winning entries from last year to give you some ideas.



Registration opens on Thursday 1 March 2018. Schools need to register their teams by completing the registration form after this date. After registering, schools will receive an email with further information as well as tips and tricks on making your video.


Students choose their mathematical focus. Students choose a maths problem or an area on which they want to focus. They then decide how they will showcase it – create a story, use animations or illustrations etc.



Videos must run between 3–5 minutes. This includes title and credit sequences. Students can use any form of recording and editing equipment, including phones, tablets or video recorders.



The mathematics needs to be correct! Students should show the final product to someone who hasn’t seen the video before and apply their feedback to perfect their entry.



The final deadline for submitting completed videos is Friday 22 June 2018. Instructions on uploading your video will be sent after registration.



The video portal will open on Friday 29 June 2018.  After this time schools and students can view and share their videos whilst the panels of judges watch and select the winning videos.




Students must be currently enrolled in an Australian government or non-government school. The competition is open to three age groups; Junior (Years 5–7), Intermediate (Years 8–9) and Senior (Years 10–12). Students must compete in teams of either 3 or 4 students. If a team includes students from different age group then they must register in the age category of the oldest student. Schools may enter multiple teams, and students may participate in more than one team.


Registration and Entry

There is no cost for entering the competition. Schools can register their teams online from Thursday 1 March. Once a school has registered, they will receive further information including instructions on how to upload their completed videos to the CHOOSEMATHS Awards portal as well as tips and tricks on making your video.

The final deadline for submitting completed videos is Friday 22 June.


The CHOOSEMATHS Awards portal will be open for the public to view all of the videos from Friday 30 June. Students can view and share their videos whilst the panels of judges watch and select the wining videos.

The criteria for judging will vary depending on what type of scenario the video is depicting. However, whenever explicit mathematics is involved, mathematical accuracy is vitally important, as is correct use of mathematical language.

In addition to these, the judging criteria includes elements for originality, creativity, communication and production.

The winning teams will be contacted in the week commencing 23 July.



The following rules need to be adhered to

  • All videos must be original and clearly the students’ own work
  • Videos must not have been entered in any previous competitions
  • The video needs to include audio as well as visual
  • The video must contain a title, credits, school name and year of production
  • The video must not contain or pertain to anything illegal

The school is responsible for ensuring that any student actor appearing in the video has the required parent permission.

Clips are to be created under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia License (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 AU). For information on how to obtain a free creative license see


For further information please contact

Dr Susan James
CHOOSEMATHS Careers Awareness/Awards Project Officer
Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute
Building 161, C/- The University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010 Australia
P: 03 8344 0031

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St Monica's College, Qld


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Ferny Grove State High School, Qld


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Montagu Bay Primary School, Tas

Watch the 2017 winning videos here.

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